Friday, October 27, 2006

New Family Member

This is Tiger. The newest addition to the family. We have had him almost a week now. She is part persian she was adopted from the ASPCA. She likes to cuddle and likes the expensive food that the vet gave us samples of. She goes a little loonie at night, and scratches our water bed at night to fluff up her bed. But she is a beauty.

Isabella had her Halloween Party today at Daycare. She was Snow White, with an Ariel tiera. We had a little fit before she went, but as soon as we said no daycare, then she turned around.

Zach had his surgery this morning. We got him up at 7:00 and we left shortly there after to get to the Janeway by 7:30. This is the pre-surgery picture before we left. I was a basket case, but it was very quick. He is sleeping better already, but that may be because of the anesthetic. We were home again by 10:30 or so.

On a different note. I am going back to work on Monday, 2 1/2 months early. I got a call from the Jackie, the manager, that the Senior Assistant Store Manager position was open because Renee was leaving. I had been training for that job before I had left. I was really not expecting that. It means more money and much more challenge, but that is what I wanted. I know I can do that job, I just have to get the mommy brain to go away, quick. Nan is going to watch the kids here at the house, so I will see them on lunch breaks, and I know they are well taken care of. We are going to leave Belle in daycare for 2 mornings, just so she can interact with kids her age. So, if things aren't updated alot, that's because I have 3 jobs now instead of two, Wife, Mother, and SASM.


CeCe said...

I thought the first "A" in ASPCA stood for "American"?

Anyway, your kids (all three of them) are adorable!

Anonymous said...

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Tammy & Jeremy said...

I hope Zach is recovering nicely from his surgery. I am still trying to get over the pain from mine. Maya had to spend the day with her grandparents yesterday and she is up there again today because I can't even pick her up yet. Jeremy is in California for the day. I miss my baby girl already. She seems to grow up so fast when I am not around.

Keep me in your prayers as I will keep Zach in mine....and you of course. Congrats on the new job.

Alisha Ferguson said...

Hey girl! Sorry for my slackness. How's the Babe doing? That must be pretty hard on you...I couldn't imagine. I freak out when Abram has a cold! Are you excited about going back to work? I don't know if I would be, but I guess if you have your Nan watching the kids that would make it easier. Still feel like I will never leave Abram!! Miss you tons!!

Alisha Ferguson said...

Oh're new baby is pretty cute. I think I would like cats if they stayed that small and cute. We've still got Princess.....but we don't like eachother very much! I'm not being mean to her....the feelings are mutal! :) hehehe

shandelle said...

cece ~ could be.

tammy ~ I really hope you are doing better. I check your blog daily to see how things are going. Hope to see you soon

alisha ~ I don't know if I remember Princess. Was that the cat your mom always had or is that the one that I had but gave Stephanie? Are you still in Parksville and in a new house? Give it time, you will be ready to do something, even just part time. I am adjusting though. More money really helps.

Alisha Ferguson said...

Yup..Princess was your old cat...the one that cece and I used to torment! :) Funny how she's now back in my life tormenting me! hehehe
Still in Parksville and loving it. Everytime I went travelling I would come home loving it here ever more. Tasha and Gary are in Port Alberni, and mom and dad are moving to Ucluelet. Chad and Michelle live a couple of blocks away from Wes and I. Donna is in Thailand right now until January sometime. She's doing good...was living here with us before she went over seas.
Mariamma and Mathai are here this weekend, so we should be seeing tons of the "old crew".....should be interesting!!!