Saturday, October 21, 2006


Okay, sorry it took so long for the "wellness" update, but I have been battling with the most crooked child in the world, I will tell all about that in a bit. So, Isabella's sugars were fine. They were 4.6 which is normal. I am really glad. I would dream about all the needles, and watching what she was eating and even all the health problems she could develope in years to come. Her ear infection is not completely gone but she still has a few days left of anti biotics to clear that up. Zach's ear infection is cleared up and his ENT appointment is this Monday morning at the children's hospital here. I guess that will tell us when the tubes will come. I only wish that he could get his eyes done at the same time, but he has to be a least a year old before they can fix that problem, because it still could fix itself before that. He wakes everyday with one eye caked shut with green goop!!! I just hope that these tubes will hepl him -and me- sleep better. His teeth are coming down hard too. There was a little red blister around the last one to come down. I never had any problems with Isabella when she was a baby. She was the best baby ever.

So, as for Missy Muffett. She got punished for the first time last night. She screached her little heart out. But she pushed too far. She started to throw stuff and scream and yell. So we sat her on the couch and wouldn't let her get down. Then, she kept at it so Chris took her next best thing, the priviledge of the TV. So today is better. She is still a bit whinny but much better. Anyway, this is becoming the gripe blog. I really don't think anyone elses child is this bad. But maybe just not honest enough to admit that they have a child go through terrible two's and head straight into troublesome threes!!!

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Tammy & Jeremy said...

sorry to hear about the trouble you are having with Miss Muffet. I'm sure every mother understands your woes. Maya is not 2 yet but she is not sleeping much these last 2 nights and I am exhausted. I hope it's just a growth spurt thing that will go away soon.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.