Friday, October 13, 2006

I am slowly going crazy!

Okay, so on with the chronicles of sickness in the Pope house! So, again, after many sleepless nights, I took both Isabella and Zach to the doctor yesterday to get their ears checked. Zach had an ear infection almost two weeks ago, and his medicine had been finished for a few days, but he was still an extremely cranky baby. So, both have an ear infection. This is Isabella's 12th one since she was 6 months old, and this is Zach's 5th. Yippee!! Then the doctor said that Isabella's urine tests came back fine, no infections. She asked if she was still peeing alot and still always thristy. Now, you don't know thristy until you have a child screaming and crying at you because she needs a drink. I mean, we don't give her anything after supper, but she is still up three times a night to pee. She is always thirsty, doesn't matter what it is, juice, milk, water, she just wants something. So anyway, back to the story. The doctor is concerned about her sugar levels, wondering if maybe she is diabetic. She said the chances are very slima dn that juvenile diabetes is rare. But it is better to know. So, we had to go and get blood work done this morning. I prepared her for it last night, letting her know that it might hurt a bit, but that she would get a sticker and a finger puppet. She didn't even seem to care and she watched Dora on TV. I couldn't sleep last night thinking about possibilities, and how I was going to keep her calm while getting a blood test. For those of you who don't know, Isabella had a rough start to life. her lung collapsed and she was a ventilator for
a day, then had a feeding tube for 5 days, and was in the NICU for a week. She had that many pokes and prods, but she was fine. She even has a scar on her back from the spinal tap they gave her. This is a picture of her the first time I held her (no, that isn't my boob!!!), see al the bruises on her little hand? All those memories came flooding back. So we parked and as we walked up to the clinic and the hospital, she was singing away and all I could think was, she won't be singing in a few minutes. So I read her books while we waited. Then we went in and she wanted to sit by herself in the big chair. She started to tell the two nurses about how she has baby brother at home. They pricked her finger and she was taken back. She squirmed a bit, then we distracted her and she was fine. She counted how many drops of blood came from her finger in order to fill the small vile they had - 37. But she was fantastic. She got a bandaid and said to the nurse "where do I get my finger puppet?" We all laughed. She walked with her head high as we went back to the van. She said on the out, thanks for taking me here mom and she hugged my arm. Oh my! Then we went to McDonalds and got a hashbrown and orange juice. I am going crazy with all the sickness in this house. When will it stop especially with winter just around the corner. Hopefully, with tubes in the next month, Zach will not get anymore infections. But who knows. Anyway, I will update on the results of the blood work. Pray for a good outcome.


CeCe said...

Sorry about all the sickness! Hope all goes well!

Tammy & Jeremy said...

Sorry to hear about all that Isabelle and Zach are going through. That would be so rough to watch - especially if she does have diabetes and she has to take a shot everyday. I will be praying she doesn't have that!

We will be going to NFLD earlier than expected. We bought our tickets for November 15 - 24th. Hope we can still visit you guys at that time!


Alisha Ferguson said...

Hey Delle....Hope things start turning around for you guys health wise. It's hard having sick feel so helpless, and just want to fix it all for them. Keep me updated