Sunday, October 08, 2006

Being Thankful

I am not really sure of what to write today, but because it is Thanksgiving, I just want to say that I am very thankful for family. I understand that eveyone's family is different. I have one side of my family that doesn't talk alot or see each other and I guess you could say a little disfunctional!!! The other side of my family is amazing. Even friends of mine comment on how close we are. We man together in rough times, hug when hugs are needed, even when they're not, and do what ever we can for each other. We get together quite often just to eat!!! I really am lucky.

On another note, I think Zach is trying to wean out his morning naps. I just can't get him to take a nap in the morning anymore. This whole flu and ear infection thing has got him thrown off his schedule. Then miss muffett has been up watching TV at 5:30 the past two mornings. She wakes up coughing, then goes to pee, then can't get back to sleep. She has been peeing alot lately, like 3 times an hour, and says she is always thirsty. We have been trying to cut back on what she drinks thinking that maybe one will affect the other. She has even been peeing in her pants again. Chris took her to the doctor the other night and they ran a quick urine test but everything came back normal, so they gave us a requisition to go get cultures done on a sample. So we got that done Friday morning. If that comes back ok and she is still the dame then they said we can check for diabetes. I pray that it doesn't come to that. It is just super strange.

I decided to take up scrapbooking, but have no idea where to start. A friend of mine said she will help, so hopefully I get started soon. I just love the idea and the look, but wether I can do it myself or even find the time is another question. Any tips would be great.

Anyway that's it for now. And Jack, if you get a chance to check this, I hope you are having a good time and are driving careful. Will miss you at dinner tomorrow. See you in a few weeks.


Alisha Ferguson said...

Happy Thanksgiving Delle!
Love the family look amazing for having two kids! keep the pictures coming!!'Love ya!

CeCe said...

My Mil does online scrapbooking (I think it's cheaper!)