Monday, November 06, 2006


I have been wondering how those brave women of long ago raised so many kids. God love them. Anyway. work is good. I feel like I am starting to fit in again. There is only 2 part time people still there who were there when I left.

I was bringing Isabella to daycare this morning and heard of a fatal accident on the highway close to here. I called Chris right away, but he was already long at work. I knew mom was already at work, plus it happened in the opposite direction she travels. I called Renee from work on her cell to make sure it wasn't her. She was behind it and had to get diverted off of the highway, so she was going to be late to work. So I went over to Peir 1 so that the part timer could hop in my car until Renee got there. Which brings me to my next story.

I decided to go to Old Navy on my way home. I went with the intention of getting an outfit for Zach to wear for pictures on Wednesday. They had no pants in his size (that I liked), no little dress shirt in his size that I liked. I wanted balck cords, a cream sweater, and a red shirt under it so that I could take off the sweater and have the shirt untucked if I wanted to. So, all I got was the sweater. I then bought3 shirts for me and walked out with $60 worth of stuff mainly for me. I can justify it because I don't have alot of clothes to wear to work. Hehehehe!!! I may just go to Walmart and see if I can get something for Zach to wear a little cheaper. His sweater was just as expensive as two shirts I bought.

My plants outside are dead and I really have to take them out of the ground. We just had our first frost this morning (hence the slippery conditions on the highway), so I need to take them up if I plan on getting flowers from them next year.

Anyway, I must go clean up before Isabella needs to be picked up.

Alisha, where is part 2???


Alisha Ferguson said...

Wow..sounds like an eventful trip to work! I am the same when I hear of accidents or even hear sirens! The first thing I do is phone Wes! Glad you missed that one and everyone you were worried about was okay. I've been searching for a nice Christmas outfit for Abram as well, but have yet to find anything! It seems like dressing a little girl would be so much more easy!! Glad to hear that you scored on some stuff. I am refusing to buy anymore new clothes until I am back down to my pre-pregnancy weight....seems like it's impossible to get the last 10lbs off though! don't worry...part 2 is in the making right now!!
Love ya!

Tammy & Jeremy said...

I agree with Alisha, I want to wait until I lose more weight before I buy more clothes. I am only 3 lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight but I have so much more to lose anyway.

We are leaving a week from tomorrow to go to NFLD. We will be arriving on Wednesday of next week (the 15th). Write me an email to let me know what your number is so I can call when I get there. Can't wait to see you again. It's been far too long!


Alisha Ferguson said...

Just wanted to let you know Part 2 plus more is there!! :)
Miss ya!