Saturday, November 11, 2006

Okay, let me start by saying that I was totally excited to be spending the night out with my hubby and getting to see the gorgeous JD Fortune all in the one night. What a disappointment. We waited outside for over an hour to get in to Mile One Centre because there was 'technical difficulties'. Then, the opening act was good but could only play for 30 minutes because we were late getting in and the whole concert had to be done by 11 for noise control rules. Which was ok because we were there to see INXS anyway. So then, stoned/drunk JD stumbles on stage, flipping around. He spent 90% of the time sitting/lying on the stage singing. Then he lit up 3 smokes. Which would be okay, but there is bylaws here that do not allow smoking inside. I could care less but that was the topic for discussion on the open line shows the next day. Then, everything was F this and F that. He cried for about 10 minutes because he was in Canada again. He started stripping and grinding the other men in the band. He was erotically licking the microphone stand and having air sex with curtains. Now, I know this is probably common for rock stars, but if all this is going on, make it a 19 an over concert. My 12 year old nephew was there and all I could think of was "And this guy is supposed to be an idol for our youth?" anyway. I dunno, I was just disappointed, and according to a lot of customers at work, they thought the same. Loved the concert, disappointed in him. He did say one memorable thing the whole night.

"We may not be the biggest ones in the sandbox, but we are gonna make the biggest F-ing castle!"


Alisha Ferguson said...

Wow...doesn't sound like that concert was all that enjoyable! Probably would have asked for a refund! :)
My bridesmaids were Tasha, Jennifer (a good friend of mine), Hailey (cousin) and Amanada was my Jr.Bridesmaid. The guys were Gary (tashas hubby), Chris (Wes's close friend and partner for work), Chad and Richard.

If you go to the flickr home page, go to help and then to tools and there's a little write up about it on the right hand side.

How's your dad doing? Been thinking about him lately. Is he still there? Tell your grandpa I said he should fly you out here.....after all, he did suck on my ear!! hahahah

CeCe said...

Alisha~Eeeww.. Howie Meeker sucked on your ear?!?! Gross! (sorry Shandelle, not a slam on your specifically, just gross in general!)

Shandelle~I've seen shows like that too, and they're pretty annoying. I mean, we pay big bucks to see these people perform and they act like the drunks down at the bus station. Not cool!

shandelle said...

Alisha ~ I knew Tash but not the others, and I knew Gary and Chad and Richard. When I get a chance I will check out the flickr page. Dad is Dad, you know. Yeah the grandpa thing was kinda gross. I wish he would offer, but I can't ask. If you ever see him, kinda joke about sending me out. He might get it!

Cece ~ NO offence taken, It was kinda embarrassing. I mean, JD Fortune wasn't like that on the Rockstar show, so yeah. It wan't cool at all.

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