Sunday, November 19, 2006


SO, Once I was up in my room, the nurses took Zach and got him all cleaned up. Mom and Chris went home. It was early in the morning, 11 or so, and there was alot going on in the hospital. They were waiting for my private room to be cleaned, so there was 3 other women in the room I was in. I had to pee. I got up from the bed and realized I still had the cathader in. I buzzed the nurses. Two came in and help me stand up. They slid the cathader out. I thought that was going to hurt, but to be honest I can't remember if it did or not. They left and I walked about 7 feet to the bathroom and got sick. The nurses said that was a reaction to the demoral the doctor had put in my back. I got back in bed and slept. Then I heard the nurse bringing Zach in. I left him in his little bed. I went back to sleep again. I woke up to this little voice coming down the hallway. One that I was longing to hear. I missed my baby girl! She came in and I just wanted to hold her. I had to get Chris to lift her up. Then she wanted to see Zach. Here is my beautiful look just hours after birth.

Chris tried to do her hair, but he just doesn't get the tidy bit. So while falling asleep to some visitors, I asked the nurse if we could take out the epidural so that I wasn't getting any meds. I didn't like not staying awake.

The doctors came in the next day and asked how I was. My iron count was down alot. As if I was bleeding internally. They weren't concerned though because I have really low iron anyway and I was walking around and had color.

The next day they came in again and said that I could go home. I was shocked. Usually they don't let you go home that early after a c-section. I jumped at the chance.

Bad idea. The next day was hell. I couldn't get up or walk easily. I had done too much the day before because I felt so good. That only lasted a day. The nurse came on the Friday to take out my stitches. And here we are today. Everything is good and he still doesn't sleep through the night. Oh well. I couldn't have two great sleepers, that isn't my luck!

I will do Isabella's story in a bit.!


CeCe said...

Armondo loves to wet and brush Cherry's hair into silly styles. It'll be nice when her hair is long enough to tie up, and no longer short enough to turn into Elvis hair! I think it's so cute though, when Dads do their daughters' hair!

Alisha Ferguson said...

Can totally relate to the "doing too much the day before thing!" Had that happen a couple of times! Your family is beautiful! Hope I can meet them in person one day!!

Tammy & Jeremy said...

It was good to finally read this story. I have been waiting for a time to sit down and read it all. Glad to hear that everything went well. I can relate to the part where you said Chris had to lift Isabelle up to your bed. I couldn't lift Maya for almost a full week when I had breast surgery about 3 weeks after she was born. It was killer...all I wanted to do was hold her and I couldn't.

It was great visiting you while we were there. Next time it will have to be a longer one!


Alisha Ferguson said...

Hey you! It's almost been a month now since the last post!! Dying for an update!!! :) Hope you have a wonderful ya!