Tuesday, December 19, 2006

busy busy

So here are the pics that we had taken for Christmas. I had to scan them, so they are a bit crooked. I know it has been such a long time since I wrote, but going back to work, along with choir concerts and practices, spending time with my kids, shopping and sleeping, I really haven't had much time. I am off today and tomorrow, and the tree is up, so I figured if someone had to write and remind me it had been a while since I made a post, I should sit a bit.

Chris's mom came down to give me a hand to wrap some gifts tonight, but Zach just won't go to bed tonight. Go figure.

He is starting to walk and is getting into everything. But on a better note, he has slept through the night in his crib 3 nights now, knock on wood.

Isabella is crazy. She cries all the time because I go to work. The two kids came in the bed this morning with me and chris and we had to crack up laughing at her. If you ever think that kids don't listen and don't have their ears open then listen to this. We are all playing in the bed this morning and she looks at Zach, takes his face in her two hands and says "Zach, I can always count on you!" Now she really doesn't understand what she said, but it was just so cute. Then tonight as we were decorating the tree, she handed me an ornament and said "Happy Christmas Mommy!" What a cutie.

Zach's appointment with the specialist for his eyes got bumped up. It was supposed to be last Tuesday, got cancelled, so it is tomorrow. So we shall see what happens. Here is a pick of what his eye looks like in the morning. The other eye is shut cause the flash made him blink, but you can see how blocked the other eye is.

yeah, so work is going really well. Like I wasn't even gone. It took me a bit to feel like I was part of the team again. I am a supervisor to people that were once my same position, so that took a bit to adjust too.

I can't believe that this time one year ago I was on pins and needles waiting to have Zach. The last couple of days I have had a yearning to be pregnant and give birth again. Not necessarily have another baby, but I really miss being preggo and being in labor. I think even though I could have a scheduled c-section next time, I would go for the natural again. I dunno, Chris looked at me and took off his ring and said, it won't be mine!!! he was joking of course. He really doesn't want any more children. I would have more. Tons more. I love it.

Isabella started music for young children a few weeks ago. she loves our piano and loves to sing, so we thought that it would be good for her.

ANyway, Zach is gone so I am off to wrap with my MIL.


CeCe said...

Your Christmas photos are adorable!

Tammy & Jeremy said...

Poor Zach. I hope it gets cleared up soon - for his sake and for yours. Being a mother to a sick child is not fun. Maya got a sinus cold when we returned from NL and I was a mess. I was always worried about if she could breathe or not.

I know what you mean about wanting to be pregnant again - but I am the other way - I want the kid not the pregnancy! HAHA. We are going to try and hold off for another 2 years or so before we have another one though.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE PICS. They are such cute kids. You and Chris did well!

Merry Christmas sweetie.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures of your children. They are adorable. It was nice to see you again when Tammy and Jeremy were here. Too bad there wasn't more time to get together a second time. Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and a great New Year.

Alisha Ferguson said...

Delle...those pictures are amazing! You're kids are so cute! Still waiting for the day I can meet them! Have a wonderful Christmas! Love ya!!