Thursday, December 28, 2006


so, it was a great christmas. it was really busy, but good. besides the four of us we had three others staying here christmas eve, and they were here to open stockings and gifts with us as well. Watching Isabella's reaction was amazing. This is really the first year she has really been aware of what was going on. "Look mom! Santa remembered that I wanted a doctor kit!" I opened all of Zachs gifts as he grabbed everyone elses presents. The highlight of my morning was watching three men - dad, keithie (chris's brother) and morley (his roommate) - open presents that they absolutely didn't know they were getting. Dad and Morley never grew up with good stockings and presents. They were split between lots of other kids. Morley kept saying thanks guys thanks. Dad said it was the best christmas he had ever had. That made my Christmas.

I feel really guilty though because through all of the commotion, I forgot to take pictures. We took some video. Chris said he would take pics but I wanted him in on the fun of opening presents and I wanted to see his reaction to some gifts I - I mean santa - got him.

After presents were opened I cleaned up the 3 garbage bags of paper and started in on breakfast. we had eggs, ham, hashbrowns, and toutons (a newfie favorite). We had lunch at my MIL's house which had it's annual arguement. Then supper at my grandmothers. Turkey dinner twice in one day made me very tired.

Usually mom comes over first thing in the morning to watch Isabella open her gifts but because we had company this year she stayed home. Being a momma's girl I really missed her. I have really only seen her in passing as she comes to babysit and I go to work lately. So going to Nan's for supper was really nice because I got to spend some time with mom. Zach and bella were a hit of course. Isabella is at the age where she is the best entertainer. She played dinner music during supper. Then sang songs and told jokes.

I didn't really have any surprises this year. Chris felt really bad. He has vowed to make next Christmas really special for me. He says I will feel like a princess, like I should be. Hehehe!!!

Anyway, the one pic we took was of Keithie, Chris's brother and Zach during Christmas dinner at my MIL's. Keithie is very concieted. You can tell that by the look on his face in this pic.

So as for the update on Zachs eyes. We went to the specialist and she put the requisition in for the surgery. We haven't gotten the date yet though. Irony - his eyes have been so close to perfect since then. If they stay that way we will cancel the appointment.


CeCe said...

Glad your Christmas went well!

Alisha Ferguson said...

Glad to hear you had a good Christmas. That was so sweet what you did for your dad and the other two! I'm sure they appreciated it more then they let you know! Say hi to your dad for us! I know how you feel about your mom not being there...mine was the same this year....guess it's all part of growing up eh! Have a wonderful New Year!

Tammy & Jeremy said...

Sounds like a great Christmas. I just thought I would tell you that Jeremy called me on his way home from work yesterday just to tell me that he thought of another boy's name that he likes....Zachery. It was so out of the blue! We are not even expecting our second baby and he's already thinking about names...haha. I like the name too but I have a cousin with that name and of course your little guy;)

I hope everything went ok with Zach's eye after. What's the status on that?

Happy New Year!