Monday, August 27, 2007


So much has happened. I don't really feel bad at all that I haven't written on this, because I haven't had time and I don't think too many people read this anyway.

So, with some minor/major obstacles, we moved into our new house two days late on May 31. Things are great here. we still don't have our family pics on the walls in the rec room yet. I don't know where half the things are that I need, but I am happy.

Things between me and Chris were tense in the last going off at the old house. It was always cluttered, I got ticked when I had to clean it all. I was trying to keep it all really clean so people could come and look at it and it just wouldn't stay that way. Like, empty rolls of toilet paper left on the bathroom counter, pee on the seat, the toys left in the bathtub, little hairs left around the sink from him shaving. you know, crap like that.

Here, things are much more laid back. We respect each other more and both keep things going at the house. i guess it helps that Zach is getting a little easier to take care of and he is sleeping through the nights now a little more.

we are trying to decide what we need more, a shed for the lawn mower, junk and snow blower, a fence to block out those awful neighbors or the driveway paved. The first and the last seem like the most important right now.

Then, just as we were about to make a decision, the money we were using for that had to go and buy a new computer. We will get a couple hundred for the one we used to have, but not near enough to cover the one we just bought. It is beautiful though. I just love it. And watching movies on it is just as clear as watching it on our big screen. it is a joy! It came with these kids games on it too, so Isabella is quickly learning how to get into them.

I have been the manager at work since the end of may. It is about to end soon and I can't say I am looking forward to it. The manager is coming back from sick leave and I just don't know how I can bow down after all this time of making the store mine. It is a little upsetting right now and my stomach is sick thinking about it. I have enjoyed it so much and in a couple of weeks it will all end. I mean, i will still love it, but it just won't be the same. I wont' be the one that gives the answers and makes all the calls. I don't know. We shall see

My grandfather died a few weeks ago. He had Alzheimer's. He is in a better place now, and loved ones don't have to see him like that anymore. That is a terrible disease. It effects your mind and in turn reeks havoc on your body. He wasn't even close to the man he was. A dear friend died 2 weeks before that. I had spent a lot of time with her in BC and she was like a mother while I was there. She had cancer and passed away while still in her 40's. Since then, life is a bit more sacred to me. I admitted to Chris the other day that I am constantly thinking about the kids and what would happen if something happened to them. I am a bit tormented by it all to be honest.

So on a lighter note. I feel the need to have a baby again. I think about it all the time. I dream about it, in fact, this is something I want just as bad as I wanted it the first two times. Chris on the other hand is dead set against it. he was content with just Isabella. But being an only child I knew I wanted more than that. he is quite glad we had Zach now because our family is complete. But I want to add. If it is meant to be, it will. I think for him, going back to half checks after taking on a much bigger mortgage, is just not worth it.

So, for the few of you who do read this, I will try to give updates more often. Oh, and we cut Zach's hair off. For the summer anyway. It was just way too much hair for the summer. He looks older now. He still has curls and it is still blond, just much shorter.

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CeCe said...

Good to read the update! I want a new house! I just got Cherry's hair cut. I just posted about it.