Friday, August 29, 2008

New Update

So, after looking at the last post, really, not alot has changed. There are still things left around, but now by the kids and me! Chris is much more of a clean freak than I am lately. Instead of a new house we have a new car, and he keeps that quite clean too. Zach still doesn't sleep through the night which means that we don't get sleep cause his head is next to mine all night and his legs rest on Chris's chest. The pee left on the seat now is Zachs, when he decides to use it. We did get a shed (thanks to my wonderful parents), Chris just finished our fence and the driveway is all paved.

Work, well I did leave for a short while. But back in March I recieved a call from the Regional Manager of my previous job and she wanted me to come back to replace the former manager while she is on maternity leave. So I am back at the place I love. Until May anyway.

Today I finally realized that life is finally starting to clear up a bit and to add another baby to the mix would be insane. I went to a friends house today. Her kids are sooo cute, but it just seemed so nice that I had to go back to my kids taht didn't need bum changes or to be fed. (sorry denise).

This is just a really quick update and I promise I will send more in a few days. There are some things I want to write about like Isabella turning 5 and going to school.

By the way, zachs curls never grew back :(

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