Thursday, April 26, 2007


So, the house went on the market last Tuesday. Wednesday night we had 2 people come to see the house. One at 7:30 one at 8:30. Which really sucked because I was at work and poor Chris had to clean, mop, and do dishes in a hurry with two kids being cling ons. Then, by the time they were allowed to come home the kids were ready to fall apart.

On Thursday we got word that the first couple liked ours and another. The second lady really like it but had to meet with the bank. Friday, we got a call that the first couple wanted a second viewing. So Saturday they came. By Sunday, the house was sold.

There is a brand new house that we have had our eye on since it went on the market early last week. It is about 10 minutes from here, out of the city (which I'm not used to). SO we made a bid on that house on Monday and by Tuesday we found out that we had that house.

The inspection on this house was yesterday and we have been on pins and needles ever since waiting for something bad to come back. The real estate agent (the best one ever) came today to take the key box off the door and said that he still hasn't heard anything, so take that as good.

The closing date is May 29th, so about 5 weeks. Scary. Isabella is excited. She keeps saying, is someone gonna buy our house so that we can have a rec room and then I can have Dora tractor. Like she thinks she can go driving that around the house. Anyway. If anyone wants to check out the house, go to then go to property search and type in old cart rd. It is number 11. The pics don't do it enough justice though.

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CeCe said...

I wish my home selling saga was that easy! Congratulations!