Saturday, March 31, 2007

Almost Done

SO, the renos are almost done. Just a couple of corners Chris has to put moldings in (he hates corners), and the tub thingy for the tub wall, and we are all set. Our goal is to be done so that the week after Easter we can go see a real estate agent! It is really quite scary. I wanna go and look at houses but I am afraid to tease myself. I don't wanna go see a house I fall in love with and our house isn't ready yet and I can't get it.

Zach is drinking his morning bottle now and I am so refreshed. I worked last night until just after 10, so I didn't get to sleep as early as usual, but my little man didn't wake until 7 this morning. He still doesn't usually sleep through the night. His 5th tooth just came through a few days ago so maybe that is why he had a more sound sleep.

Work is going fantastic. Pier 1 Imports here on the Rock, ROCKS!!! We have been having a fanominal week and we can't get a thing done, but I don't care. After Christmas everything dies down alot, and this is such a boost to moral to have so many sales in the store (just go in and take a look) and to have so many customers liking the sales!!!

Talk later. Happy Birthday to my nan, Joyce. Today she is 70! And to top it off, she is the one who baysits my kids. Not too many 70 year olds can handle a 3 and 1 year old all day! Way to go Joycey!!!


Tammy & Jeremy said...

Where and when are you planning on buying a house? Sounds like this is the season to do it. I have a lot of friends selling and moving. We are going to wait a couple of years first. In the meantime, we have to relandscape and paint our 3rd bedroom for Maya to move into in the NEAR future. So long Office!

Have fun looking for a home.

Way to go Joycey! Two young kids are handle at any age but you top the cake!

Heather said...

Hey Shandelle.... Way to go...reno's can be a major headache! We are to lock up now and hopefully will be opening the B&B for July. I will try and put some pics on my blog...
You kids are sooooooooooo cute!! And you haven't changed a bit!! Email when you have 5 secs...please say hi to your dad for us...
love you all