Monday, September 25, 2006


I am sitting here in the few quiet moments I get, trying to remember the feeling of waiting for a baby to arrive. My friend Tammy is ready to pop. She lives in the states, but we communicate through e-mail and blogs. She has an appointment today and it will tell if the baby comes today or in a few days. I just remember all the excitement and attention. If it wasn't for the raising, I think I would be pregnant a dozen times. But two is defintely enough.

Speaking of family, there are members of my family going through a really rough time right now. And without getting into it, if you could just keep them in your prayers. Pray for peace of heart and the knowledge that God is with them watching over them. I have realized that I have been taking my family for granted, especially my husband. I hate that it took something so serious to make me realize this. Make sure that in some way you let your family know that you love them. You never know when you may need them.

On a lighter note, I had a great day with Bella yesterday. We went to a birthday at a friends house. There were two others there her age and 4 babies. It was nice to hear that Isabella is not the only child to be irritating, whiney, and intolerable. She was really well behaved. She shared and didn't have Miss Attitude scrolled across her forhead. I enjoyed her tremendously. When she is bad we call her alter-ego Ella. I didn't see her at all yesterday , and hopefully the same will continue.

It is almost time to get herself from daycare. The picture above is one of Isabella and the other two girls from the party when they were just a few months old. Isabella is on the left, Rachel in the center, and Madison on the left. Times have changed.


Alisha Ferguson said...

Hey Delle....Will definatly keep your family in my prayers. I too have reailzed as of late how important family is. You never know how long they will be around so it's so important to express how much you love them and how important they are to you. What just happened with Chad and Emma really opened all of our eyes to that. Some times it takes almost loosing someone to open your eyes. It's amazing how God uses things like that to bring everyone closer together. Let me know if I can pray for anything more specifically. Love ya!

Tammy & Jeremy said...

Yes I am ready to pop. My belly is so hard lately and I get full so easily. Not much time now though. Just 2 days left for sure! Thanks for thinking of me.

I hear you about family. It has been so difficult living so far away from mine. We live on the West Coast of the States and most of my family lives on the East Coast of Canada. I wish we could see each other a lot more but it will be so nice to go there at Christmastime. My grandmother is not doing too well - health wise. Everyone is praying that she makes it by Christmastime to see us, but no one really knows what will happen. I want Jeremy and our baby to meet her so badly!

I will be praying for your family as I'm sure you will keep us in your prayers too.

Lovely picture of Isabella. We can't wait to see her in person for the FIRST time!


Poppy the GREAT said...

Hi Delle:
Sorry I haven't read your blog before, some very nice sentiments expressed by your friends. I get so caught up in my own little world that Don't do justice to the people who mean so much to me.
God works in mysteries ways and as you and Alisha said it takes something like a difficult period being experience by a person very close to you to cause to stand back and evaluate your own actions and how you are interacting with your immediate family.
Like you Delli, I too took stock of my own relationship and realized I was taking a lot for granted.
I think I will check your bog more often because I'm sure I'll read many pleasant things about your humble abode and the people who inhabit it.