Monday, September 18, 2006

mess, mess, mess

Have you ever wondered how a three year old child can be so messy. After being gone for two days, we came home to a disaster zone. I hated to face it all. This child is unreal. I don't know if she is like all other kids this age or not, but when Zach gets this age, I think I will just have to learn how to close my eyes to it all. I mean, I tidy up and clean everything, and I turn around and that child has 4 more things scattered around. Chris comes home and has the nerve to say "You didn't get a chance to clean today?" Uh, yes by! Between screaming baby, screaming, attitude filled child, and planning supper, I scrubbed the place down. I dunno. 75% of my time is contimplating returning to work early, just to get a break. Is that off the wall or what. Mom and I are going to join the gym tonight before choir so I will get some much needed time to myself soon. Anyway.


Tammy & Jeremy said...

Great blog site. I have added you to my blogroll on my site. Looking forward to more posts.

Cheryl Mouland said...

Hi Shandelle,
Am I correct in assuming your maiden name was Meeker? If so, I went to the Temple with you!! I think I even used to sit next to you in songsters. I was Cheryl Rowe. Let me know if I have the right Shandelle. LOL.

shandelle said...

HI Cheryl! It's me. It's been a really long time, heh! I guess you saw my site on Tammy's blog? Where are you now?

Cheryl said...

Hey Shandelle!!
Awesome! I did see your blog on Tammy's blog. I am living in Ajax Ontario now, with my hubby and two kids, Cameron who is almost 4 and Abigail who is 6. You'll have to check out my website...TONS of family pics. It's so awesome to reconnect again. Great to see your little family.

Keep in touch...Cheryl