Friday, February 16, 2007


So much has happened since I last sat down.

1. Zach turned 1 (so sad)

2. I am on a weeks holidays

3. We are doing some minor renos

4. Zach still doesn't sleep

5. He had strepp throat

6. I am reading new books

So, we had a small family party at moms for his birthday, nothing too extravagant. Oh, Chris's birthday was on the 8th of Feb. Both Chris and I have taken a weeks holidays to get this house looking like a house should look and not a complete dive. We really should have taken before and after pics because it really is a big change. I am really embarrassed that I lived in such a place!!! Zach hasn't been sleeoing well at all lately. I mean, besides that he hasn't slept through the night since June, lately he just cries all night. I took him to the doctor and she checked his throat and said it was really bad. She gave him some antibiotics. That hasn't helped. Well maybe a bit. But the last two nights he has just cried in his sleep. I may have to take him back to see the doc. And last but not least. My uncle told me about this series of 12 books called Left Behind. I am hooked. It is based loosely on the Book of Revelation and the Rapture. I mean, there is love, anger, mystery, and violence. Everything all books have. I love them. I will leave you with a pic and Isabella singing sexy back.


Alisha Ferguson said...

I feel you on the no sleep. Sometimes it's so nice to hear of other moms that don't get sleep either! I know they are out there....but it's good just to hear it! I am hoping for sleep tonight as Wes is taking over for the night! Good books...I've read them all!

Tammy & Jeremy said...

Cool pictures and video. I will have to add some videos soon too.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY big guy. I can't believe how quickly they grow up. Sheesh!

PS. We plan on ripping up our garden and doing new landscaping. We may also put in hardwood floors and granite counters in our kitchen. We think all of this may increase the sale of our house when we decide to move. Busy year ahead.


Glenda said...

Just happened upon your blog and was wondering if your mom is Gail. If so we could be (distantly) related. would you email me?